About me


Sensual Massage Therapist 

Nuru Specialist

Secret girlfriend Companion





Welcome to my world of sweet kisses...

If you are Craving something a lil sweet , Fun and different well I am just the girl your looking for u .. 



I’m always here just for your pleasure and enjoyment. I would  love to Relax your Mind, Body and soul putting you into a complete Trance of my control.

I’m Sure we will have lot’s of fun with one another.


My personality is very Charming and Mysterious yet Playfully eccentric and diverse. There are always lots of surprises Bursting out of me.


I’m a great conversationalist with a Highly intellectual creative Side. 

I love art...I Love color...I Love Sexy...I Love Different...


My mind alternates Between Fantasy and Imagination.


So on whatever platform that u will find me on I will always have a very provocative Fun unique ads. 


With me you will Notice that I have my own style and my own way of doing things because I’m definitely the Champion of Rebellion.



I always like breaking the rules and setting new boundaries for myself and you too my friend..


I Enjoy expressing my Sensuality threw the art of my Massage And other Companionship Memories that i offer .


I Dare you to let me draw my art work on your Canvas with my soft Touch.

There will be lot’s of paint for me to splash all over you !!




I am Born in the Dominican Republic, but raised and started my career in Los Angeles California which will always and forever be my home.

My existence of who I am as a provider started there and everything that I know about this Business.


If your Lucky i Might pop up in a city near u !


I am very openminded and experienced in all Areas in my world of Sexual Being...

Tantric healing or whatever it is that u need. 

I’m m a Long standing Companion Trained & Certified Therapist in the business for some time now.

I Initially got my start in the adult film industry ,webcam Model and private Vegas escort. 

 I Have embraced my craft Independently and Quietly for several years now...

I appreciate and love my privacy , so I removed myself from all social media outlets until now to make myself available to u. 

I travel often with my skill and can always find New ways to give you exactly what your heart desires. 

 I absolutely love what I do , and I absolutely own what I do.


Would never trade it in for Anything .

  I have been very Fortunate with my success and very quietly Breezing threw The Scene having fun.

Come unwrap This sweet chocolate Goodness.


 I can’t wait to meet you !


Sweet Kisses





    Massage sessions offered:

    *$250 Preview Nuru Massage Package:


Includes: Amazing Authentic Nuru experience with 100% real Nuru Gel and authentic Nuru sheets. Also comes with Kimmie’s Hot Busty Curvy Body for extreme pleasure and Maxium stimulation with juicy lollipop Ending.



*$325 Gentlemens Massage package: 


Sensual All Nude body 2 body Massage w/ Nuru Combo. Includes Hands, Feet, and scalp massage with super soapy  hot sand body scrub down with Kimmie for a deeper level of pleasure and true genuine connection.

 Breath deep for this experience !

     Also includes Exclusive choices in the best shower     realization products of your choice in a private cozy upscale spa like setting.


( Sensual And very passionate with a slightly artistic approach to mymassage ..)


 Not your typical massage !!





     $500 1hr session * $700 2hr session


**Ask About my first time clients who Qualify and can      receive $600 2 hour Excutive session


**Note: Executive sessions will not be provided for everyone please inquire with Kimmie  for more information..



***Couple’s Fantasy Massage: $1000 1 hr session $1300 2hr session

*Phone consultation required with the female half of the couple only. Sorry guy’s !! 


Ter:301150 / p411:p245841  / Twitter@KimmieKissess 








* New clients: 


If This Will be Your First   Experience visiting with Me , 

Please feel free to Introduce yourself via Booking Form ,so that we may get better Acquainted before Our Scheduled Date. 

I will Gladly answer Limited Questions until you are fully Verified.

Once you are verified then I will give u call to Discuss the details. 


It’s always better that we get to know each other beforehand.

Also please feel Free to asks any Questions Regarding Our Upcoming meeting or if u may have any specials concerns or special Requests.    




I Do Understand that screening sometimes can be a pain in the butt , unfortunately all Clients Must be Verified Before Meeting.

NO Anonymous Visits will Be Allowed🚫

Having Quality Friend’s is extremely important to me. 

I pride myself on Having Good Long Lasting Positive People Around me so We both Should Feel Comfortable.

I promise You that my screening process is very Sacred and confidential. 

None of your Information will ever be Kept or Lost in my Hands.

Once Our Date is Over your Information will Be discarded Immediately. 






 If you will be using another provider/Companion as a reference , please be sure to contact that provider first to let her know that I will be trying to make contact with her to get u verified before our Meeting.

 Also be sure to use a reliable quality professional Reviewed provider.  

Some providers I will not take into consideration as a reference and u will be asked for other forms of verification.




TER is still available for use as long as u change your vpn on your computer to a international IP ADDRESS. You can still log on and access your account. 

Sometimes I will ask that clients send me a message from the site as verification of u still have a paid monthly membership. If not, then this option will not be available for you. 




When using your p-411 Membership , I will also ask that u also send me a message via the site for verification. 

You will need to have at least 3 -4 okays on your profile. If u have less than thay then I may ask for a second form of verification as well. 


 ***Always Remember that when u come Back to Visit Me that I will ask for private details of Our Previous Meeting.

If u are not able to give detail then u will be screened Once again. 



*Expectations Before a Session :


I expect each Client to be freshly and fully showered before arrival to my location. 

( Showering with just a bar of soap and no towel is not

considered fully showered to me.)



If you will be Needing to use the Shower that I have available for u in my private Location then please let me know before your arrival, so that I can have everything set up for u , and ready to go.  

I also do not mind showering with u to get a lil Closer to one Another before the main event.

I Love Showering with my friends as well. 


* Please Have Your Gift For our time spent together Available inside an unsealed Envelope with all of the bills facing in the same direction please. 

I have a slight case of perfectionism. So it drives me kinda crazy when I have to flip all the bills around myself.  Lol




*** Incall : Please leave your gift on my  table once u have arrived and given me a big H❤️G after walking in the door. 

In some cases i may have to come down to meet u inside of my Lobby. Please DO NOT hand me cash in the lobby.  Thanks.

*** Outcall : Please DO NOT leave your gift inside of the restroom Please.  just kindly leave it on the night stand with a bottle of champagne for both of us to enjoy. 



Likes / Dislikes :

I Always love Gentlemen who actually show their interests by actually taking the time out to read my advertisement’s and profile fully before contacting me.

Contacting me to merely ask questions that have already been Displayed here in writing will never be answered and u will be Redirected back to my site or advertising website profile.

(  So if you are reading this then u are the lucky one !  )


 Respect for one another is always key to a successful engagement with me. I am always very delicate before my encounters with friends. I want to be very relaxed before giving your Body the relaxation that it needs.

Each Client will have their own personalized  itinerary that I will follow to the Tee.

* Please Let’s be sure to stick to your itinerary Discussed before meeting. Being Pushy and aggressive before or during our meeting will result in immediate cancellation of out time. 

* Demanding Immediate appointments last min is considered bad taste to me.  

I like to be organized and prepared so that your experience will be enjoyable and memorable.

When my friends books in advance I will always look , smell and taste my best. 

 I enjoy taking care of myself and always want to be at 100% for your eyes only !  



More will become available after I have settled in to Miami.

So if u have any unanswered questions please fill out the question form here on the website and I will promptly answer you❤️